Reaching the unreached

An elderly man thanking Cletus Babu for his support

What happens when you’re poor, marginalized and unable to earn a living

What happens when you’re poor, marginalised and unable to earn a living? Thousands of people face this problem every day and are left to cope alone. We started our first outreach work with a leper colony in Tirunelveli district. Today that colony has three women’s self help groups and several schools.

Our work with society’s unreachable has expanded:

  • we care for 1,000 of abandoned elderly people through a programme of outreach work
  • we’ve helped 60,000 Saltpan workers become free from the shackles of bonded labour.
  • we found alternative work for Snake catchers
  • we helped to build homes for the gypsy community

Much of our work with these groups follows the same approach as our work in the villages.