A woman from Tamil Nadu shows off the vegetables she has grown with seeds from SCAD

Kitchen gardens

The people of Tamil Nadu experience the effects of climate change with prolonged droughts, erratic monsoons and the resultant food security fears.  Food prices run at about 30% inflation throughout the state. One way we have met this problem is by encouraging villagers to grow organic kitchen gardens.

Learning to grow their own

Villagers attend courses organised by the women’s self-help groups on vegetable growing and composting. They learn how to conserve their precious resources such as harvesting grey water. Every year thousands of packets of seeds, purchased by us, are sold for small amounts of money; those who can’t afford to pay are given some for free.

The food and nutritional benefits of growing your own

Organic farming is being carried out at SCAD-Nirman Cheranmahadevi in around fifteen acres in which the children of Anbu Illam – our school for differently-abled children, have also planted their own garden and undergo nursery training, on and off. Besides, a small vegetable patch has been set up very close to the Anbu Illam school. Along with training, the garden provides food for the children who are also involved in growing vegetables. Another 300 schools have kitchen gardens so a new generation is now growing up learning about the importance of food production and healthy eating.

The kitchen gardens are just one of many environmental schemes. Find out more here