Farmers groups with SCAD Charity

Knowledge is power in the countryside

Food security is a major issue in Tamil Nadu with prices running at an all time high. Climate change affects the region resulting in drought, poor soils, and water depletion. Farmers need advice, support and information on the latest technological advances to help them cultivate the best crops from the land and to raise healthy animals.

We have helped to set up (87) 150 self-help groups, providing training and support for all kinds of organic farming. Food growing, animal husbandry and tree planting are the most common. Loans are also made available to those establishing income generation programmes.

Farmers share knowledge to improve their yield

Our farm science centre, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, has been at the forefront of economic development for farm workers since 1996. The centre’s purpose is to assess the different local and international technologies on offer, and promote any that have sustainable advantages. It is essential that these technologies are affordable for the farming communities. The centre is then involved in the refinement of these technologies and local demonstration and training.

Knowledge shared through the farmers’ groups

In order to reach the highest number of farmers in the most effective manner, we rely on its highly effective group approach. Farmers’ groups are formed in villages, and the leaders are called for monthly technical discussion meetings followed by scientific diagnostic field visits and technology demonstrations.

Problems shared and solutions trialed collectively

Through participatory methods the problems of the farmers are identified, and solutions are discussed with the farmers, in KVK staff meetings, and with leading experts. The feasible solutions that are identified through KVK collaboration with farmers and experts are taken to the farmer’s field for farm trials, demonstrations, and skills training sessions.

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