A child has a higher chance of dying before the age of 5 in rural India than a similar child living in a city. It’s even higher if you’re a girl.

SCAD-Nirman has worked with remote rural communities where families are living below the poverty line for more than three decades. Sadly it’s often the children who experience the greatest impact of that poverty. Many suffer from malnutrition and acute, yet avoidable diseases. Many struggle to get the opportunity to gain skills for a job.

Support a child to make a difference to their future

For a minimum of $20 per month you can sponsor a child and bring hope to the next generation. Your support will help provide an education and additional support to the village in which your chosen child lives.

In return for your generosity you will receive a photo and details of the child, his or her family and community. Twice a year you will receive a letter or drawing from the child and information on the progress the child is making.

Many sponsors write to the child they sponsor and some have met them as part of a visit to SCAD-Nirman. SCAD-Nirman donates through our Belgian partners Saltpan Children which is an all volunteer charity meaning every single bit you give goes straight to India. For those out of Europe, you may send direct to SCAD-Nirman the bank account details of which has been given in detail.

Support a village

This is a wonderful opportunity for individuals, and groups of people to get together to support a whole village community of around 250 families. A contribution of $3,000 will pay for all the SCAD-Nirman related services provided to the village for one year. Sponsor(s) will get twice yearly progress reports and photos.


Thank you for helping.