SCAD charity helps farmers with their veterinary camps

Veterinary care

Goat rearing, cow rearing and keeping backyard poultries are viable sources of income generation for rural farmers. Epidemics and health problems like ranikhet disease, intestinal worms, loss of milk production due to mastitis in cattle, and other infectious diseases can be devastating to a farmer and his family’s livelihood.

We use innovative ways to help rural farmers to achieve better results with their animal management:

  • 50 veterinary camps are oganised each year to check on the health of the animals. Nearly 10,000 animals are treated and vaccinated. So far, more than 1,500 veterinary camps and around 300000  animals have been treated and vaccinated.
  • veterinary link workers visit livestock farmers in remote villages to conduct basic animal care services. These volunteers are trained to vaccinate poultry, de-worm goats, and identify any epidemics.
  • demonstrations on the prevention of mastitis and the use of antibiotics .
  • technical guidance on starting cow and goat rearing units, backyard poultry rearing, rabbit rearing and fish cultivation.