Anbu Illam – Abode of Love

Anbu Illam (which means ‘House of Love’ in Tamil), is SCAD-Nirman’s beacon of hope to physically and mentally disabled children. Children with polio, impaired hearing, learning disabilities, mental disabilities, developmental disorders, autism and cerebral palsy are all admitted to this school and residential care centre.

The children are expertly treated and rehabilitated by SCAD-Nirman’s professional team, which includes occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, counsellors and rehabilitation officers. At present, 80 disabled children are receiving institutional care.

The barrier-free environment in the campus, and the orthotic centre that produces supportive devices such as crutches, artificial limbs, and belts, help the physically disabled children move freely and socialise with their classmates. Anbu Illam is a very social place and the children benefit greatly from being together and supporting each other.